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Return Policy

Return Policy

Return of the products you have purchased

It is not possible to request a refund, except in cases where food products have a different content or weight than the one introduced, and the expiration date has expired. The return request covers only and strictly unopened packaged products. For the wrong weight and / or incorrectly sent products, the price difference is calculated and refunded to you. Also to our esteemed customers at the top and bottom full and/or requesting a partial refund in accordance with the substances that provide the necessary conditions for the operation in this manner that provides Partner/Reseller for punitive action necessary to avoid more problems like this will be provided about the market. The Cold Chain may be broken during the return process of unpacked products containing Health and Hygiene conditions or in the form of Milk and Dairy products. A “FULL and/or PARTIAL REFUND” is not possible for such products in any way, except for the following conditions.


We accept full and/or partial refund requests for products sold on the website and/or Mobile App located at / for the following reasons:


·          Missing Products

·          Manufacturing Faulty Products

·          Products Whose Expiration Date Has Been Overlooked

·          Defective Products

·          Damaged Goods

·          Incorrectly Sent Products



To return a product by mail, follow the return procedure below:

Please forward the images of the products and/or products that need to be returned to us via our Whatsapp Live Customer Support Line along with your Order number. The return process must be completed within 7 Days.



These terms and conditions, and to act in accordance with UK law  run in the way users at the same time how we are to expect her to act may vary from time to time to reflect the changes made. We will notify users of changes to these Terms and Conditions via our Whatsapp Live Customer Support Line or we will post a notification on it.

Thank you for choosing us. If you have any suggestions about any issues, requests or problems, you can contact us via our Whatsapp Live Customer Support Line. Our contact information is as follows: